~You used to call me on my cellphone~.. Haha!
Welcome to another episode of boom boom shakalaka pow. Haha!
 Just kidding!
WARNING: I have too many photos of my face on this blog..
You've been warned.. Now let's continue. :p
Welcome to Day 2 of our journey to San Francisco. :]
Our first stop was Yerba Buena Gardens. What should I say, It was a beautiful day. <3 
Here we are at the watchamacallit bridge again? Just kidding! 
The Golden Gate Bridge was amazing <3
Okay, Let me hide my face for a second.

Bandana is one of the new trends of today and I just want to contribute to it. Haha! I love how retro or vintage this look would be with the bandana. It is a simple look that I came up with and put the bandana twist to it. It is also casual and I would wear this on a normal simple errands day. I got my bandana at the dollar store. Yup, it was only a dollar. :) Anything to save money is a must for me! :p I hope everyone is having a great week! <3

Here's to another day in my boring life. Haha! This was actually yesterday. I was bored so I decided to finally paint my Mason jars. I've been wanting to do this for a long time but you know how lazy I am right?! Haha! I am so happy that I finally did it! For sure there's a lot of this DIY already and I haven't really designed mine yet. I will have to look for my things still. I haven't packed out all my things since I moved here in California. Haha! Well, today I just went to school and didn't really go anywhere after that. It was cloudy so I decided to have another lazy day (like everyday) haha! How was your day? :)