Happy Halloween everyone! :D Who are you going to be for today? Hopefully you guys will have a fun one tonight! Trick or Treat! This is me on a Halloween. Just a basic geek. :p
A simple look for a cozy night. I didn't really put any effort dressing up today. What a shame. Haha!
A sweater, a leggings and a black platform shoes and I'm all set. It looks okay to me though. Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying their day so far! 

Geek Sweater- Forever 21 (forever21.com)
Platform shoes- H&M(hm.com/us/)

Yesterday was a fail. I decided to wear this shorts and it was so cold in the morning. It warmed down in the afternoon though. Haha! I was trying to style a kind of casual look with this blazer that I got. I don't know if it matched or nah? haha! Anyways, this one is simply casual. Throw on some blazers, a top and shorts and there you go! Are you ready for the meeting? Just Kidding! Halloween is almost up, who are you guys going to be? :D Always Smile More! :)

Blazers- H&M (hm.com/us/)
Black Top , Black Boots, Floral Shorts and Necklace- Forever 21 (forever21.com)

Hello Hello! How is everybody doing? :) Today I decided to wear something casual and simple. I love this combination (black and white), it's simple but it looks very casual. Wherever you are in your life right now, always remember to be optimistic. Being positive will help you get through the day and every day. Even if people tell you negative things, just keep in your mind that ain't nobody got time for that. This morning, I got an email from a random person and told me all negative things, but guess what? I've been there, done that, and nobody can bring me down. :D Just gotta keep my heads up and follow what I wanted to do in life. You are the boss of you and nobody can tell you what to do. Always remember that in this life, it is always your reaction that will affect you. So if people tell you bad things, It is up to you if you're going to let it in. Always Smile More! And Have an awesome day y'all! :]

Black & White Jacket- Charlotte Russe (charlotterusse.com)
Top, Flats, Bag- Forever 21 (forever21.com)
Necklace- H&M (hm.com/us/)

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I'm not sorry, are you? :p , Happy Tuesday guys! I've been slacking this past few days and this is really bad, but I'm not sorry. Just kidding! It's getting a little cool from where I live that's why I am kind of preparing myself to be ready for the winter. I simply love my jacket, just because! As you can see, the back of it says "I'm Not Sorry". Have you ever feel that way? We all do I must say. This is a simple casual outfit for chill days. I like simple outfits if in case you haven't noticed yet. :p 

"I'm Not Sorry" Sweater,  & Top - Forever 21 (forever21.com)
Platforms- H&M (hm.com/us/)
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Hello everyone! How was your weekend? :) I hope you all had an awesome one! <3
It's a new week! Last week of October already, can you believe that? This month went by so fast (like every month haha) It's going to be Halloween! Do you guys have any plans for the Halloween? I wish I do. -_- Anyways, my outfit today is kind of casual and basic. Plain top and a colorful bottom and a cardigan, nice combination huh? It's simple but it looks nice all together.  :) Let's all have a wonderful week ahead!

Cardigan, Floral Pants & Flats - Forever 21 (forever21.com)
Cross Necklace- Topman (topman.com)