Happy Wednesday! We are halfway there already and tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Ohhyeah! I wonder if we have food tomorrow. JK! haha! I don't cook so let me see what can we do about that. Anyways, I decided to go casual today, most likely like everyday(haha). I would wear this if I work in an office, or can be for everyday. As long as you like it then go for it gurl! Who else is excited for the holidays? Yay! Happy Holiday y'all! Let's seize every moment! <3

Top collar shirt- Forever 21(similar here)
Burgundy pants- Forever 21(similar here)
Blue flats- Cotton On(similar here)
Statement Necklace- H&M(few similar here)

Halloww! What's up with everybody? This is another simple outfit of mine. Yeah, I am all about that life. Haha! This was when I still have my long hair :( Oh how I miss it. This look is simply for everyday, chill out days with friends or even for running some errands. I simply put on this dotted diamond shirt, striped boyfriend jeans and a cardigan and there you go! Pretty simple right? :) Anyways, I hope y'all are having a great Tuesday! Let's keep it up! <3

Cardigan- Forever 21 (a few similar here)
Top- Thrift Store
Striped Boyfriend Jeans- Aeropostale(similar here)
Blue Flats- Cotton On(a few similar here)
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"It's just another Manic monday, wish it was sunday" Happy Monday everyone! How is everybody doing? I hope y'all are starting great as we kick off this Thanksgiving week! Who's excited for Thanksgiving? Everyday should be exciting and we should Always give thanks in every day. I'm ready to eat a lot, are you? Haha! Anyways, this is another simple outfit yet it looks chic and casual. I put on this high low dress and layer it with this floral sweater. To make the look stand out, I wear this black ombre platforms.Don't you feel like sometimes wearing heels make the look more well dressed? Haha! I don't know why I feel like sometimes it really does. Hope you all are having an awesome day so far! Let's be amazing this week! <3

Floral sweater- Forever 21(a few similar here)
High Low Lace dress- Forever 21(a few similar here)
Ombre booties- Urbanog (a few similar here)
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Happy Sunday y'all! What are you guys doing today? :) Hopefully you guys have fun! I wore this outfit last year and I was trying to redo it and add something else but it didn't turn out nice. Haha! I haven't posted this outfit in my blog so why not just post it. I love this chunky sweater that I got from a thrift store. Thrift stores also have some good stuff you know. Who do thrift? Join the club yo! :] So I decided to match my sweater with my A-line skirt to give it more a flowy look. To complete the look I just added this combat boots and taadaaa! Finished product! And this is another simple outfit from me :) Have an awesome day and always Smile more! <3

Sweater- Thrifted
Printed Skirt- Forever 21(similar here)
Combat boots- Kmart(a few here)
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It's Saturday already. Time really flies doesn't it? Who agrees? Haha! Anyways, time for a basic casual day.(like my everyday Haha) I'm wearing an all black outfit and threw on this green flannel blazers. The blazers gave this look that casual effect. This is very simple and you can wear this anywhere. This could be an office wear too. I would like to wear this at work. Lol. Have an awesome day everyone!

Blazers- Thrifted
Necklace- Forever 21(a few here)
Black Boots- Forever 21(a few here)
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Happy Friday! How is everybody doing? :] I've been kind of busy these past few days because of moving and packing and everything. I moved to San Diego, CA! I'll definitely miss Vegas. :( But I guess this is real life. I hate change. I am not a fan of it. I know some people like change because sometimes it is for a good cause. I guess I will just try to adjust myself because there is no point of complaining. It wouldn't change anything right? Anyways, this photos were still in Vegas. Haha! I've had this jacket for years and I still like it, just because of its fur! Haha! This is another simple outfit of mine that is perfect for everyday. :) Now, let's all have a happy weekend!

Stripes Shirt- Forever 21
Statement Necklace- Forever 21
Studded Shorts- Forever 21
Platforms- H&M(similar here)
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Hi y'all! What are you guys up to? I've been kind of busy these past few days trying to spend time with my loved ones. I've been thinking about what's going to happen with my life lately. I feel like I've been wasting most of my time. Have you ever feel that way? Especially if you don't know what you really want in life. I just want to be happy and successful. Being successful takes time and hard work. This is life. We only have one so we have to live it up every single second. :] Anyways,  this is another simple outfit of mine. It's getting cozy outside. Hope you guys are having a good day so far! Happy Tuesday! :D

Sweater- Forever 21(a few here)
Floral Skirt- Wet Seal(a few similar here)
Platforms- H&M(few similar here)
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Happy Sunday! It's a new day! Rise and Shine! :] How are you all? Another simple outfit for fall! I thought my top was a dress and it wasn't. It was too short so I put on a leather short that'll match my outfit. It came out well for me :] My boots made my look more casual and elegant. I always have fun whenever me and my friend do a photo shoot because it's funny how we just take them anywhere, on any random places. I like making silly faces because I am silly? Haha! Anyways, that's one thing about me for right now. Hope y'all have an amazing day!

Long Sleeve shirt- Thrifted
Studded Shorts- Forever 21
Necklace- Forever 21
Boots- Kmart
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