Black is everything.

Welcome to another blog once again! How are you guys doing today? I've been behind with all my things as per usual but I'm trying to catch up! Haha! The weather in Southern California has been very sad, it's been gloomy and rainy for the past few days. I am hoping for a better and brighter weather for the week ahead though. :) I decided to wear two different accessories for this look. The first one is wearing my Panama Hat from Urban Outfitters and the other one is a sunglasses from Wholesale Celebshades. I just love this Cat Eye Sunglasses because it is perfect for everyday. Make sure to check out their websites for more styles and colors!:)

Today I am doing a giveaway for you guys! 
LE3NO CLothing has nicely given me the opportunity to make you guys happy! :) I am giving away this black maxi skirt that I am wearing on this outfit. It is perfect for everyday especially on summer time! I would wear this anywhere because of its versatile color. Also the fabric is very soft so don't worry about the wrinkles. Be sure to follow me on instagram for the details of this giveaway! Until then! Have a great weekend everyone!

Maxi Skirt- Le3no Clothing (link here)