San Francisco Diary (Part II)

WARNING: I have too many photos of my face on this blog..
You've been warned.. Now let's continue. :p
Welcome to Day 2 of our journey to San Francisco. :]
Our first stop was Yerba Buena Gardens. What should I say, It was a beautiful day. <3 

Next on our list was the Painted Ladies!Hey ladies! Can I have one of these please? :)
We just kind of walk around the Union Square to find place to eat, It would be nice if this place wasn't crowded. :/
Walked around Japan Town as well.
Here we are finally at the Botanical Gardens! Keep scrolling down.. 
Candid shots are just the best! <3
INTO THE WOODS.. Here we go! Remember what I said about my face? Well, I wasn't kidding.. haha! Anything for outfit of the day right? Haha!
Here was our one of the last stop. 16th Ave Tiled Steps. 
I regret not going all the way to the top though. My friends told me there was a way better view up, I should've listened. Haha!
San Francisco at Night. This was at Twin Peaks. The view was breathtaking. No words can explain how beautiful the view was. I wish we could've seen it on a daylight though. Overall, I was very overwhelmed. <3 
I left my heart in San Francisco. <3

If you're ever in California, San Francisco is a must go. There were more places that I wish we could've seen but there is always a next time. :) I would say we did great for visiting these places in two days. It is always fun to travel with friends and your loved ones. Until next time! Thank you for your time <3

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Panama Hat- Urban Outfitters
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