Fall colors.

~You used to call me on my cellphone~.. Haha!

Is it fall still? :p

     I know it's fall and it feels like winter already, eventhough it's still hot here in California. What did I just say, I didn't understand it either, but you get what I mean. Haha! Combining these colors (mustard and burgundy) are perfect for the fall and I love it! This was taken in Las Vegas two months ago, I think? Yes I am so late posting this but I am going to post it anyway, just because, I love them. Haha! It is never too late to me. Haha! Can you believe that it's almost Thanksgiving? I cannot believe how time is going by so fast, it was just Halloween and now we are about to end this month already. Don't get  me wrong I am so very supercalifragilistic expialidocious excited for the holiday but time needs to chill sometimes. Haha! Who else is excited for the holidays? Yay! I hope everyone is having a great day and Happy holidays to you all! <3

Pocket Crop Top- Forever 21
Trousers- Forever 21 (similar here)
Shellfie Loafers- H&M
Michael Kors Studded Selma- Michael Kors


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