Hello everyone! How is everybody doing?:) This is it! We are on the very last day of 2014. I feel very sad because I am not ready to end it, but its going to end no matter what right? Last page of the book. Here is my last outfit for the year. A casual and colorful look to end this beautiful year. Are you all ready to move and begin a new whole year, with new opportunities, new challenges, I'm sure we all want a new beginning. I do. I am 4 hours away from 2015 and this is really crazy! Goodbye 2014 and Welcome 2015! It's been a great year! I'm wishing everyone a happy happy new year and hoping for a better year for all of us! See you next year and thank you for tuning in this year! <3 Keep Smiling!

Disco Monkstrap Platforms- Forever 21 (here)

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! Tomorrow is New Years Eve already, I cannot believe this! It's going by too fast :( , Are you guys ready for the new years? Any new years resolution yet? :) I always ask myself if I am ready, but I don't know yet, probably not. Haha! I am just hoping for a better year and a better ME. We all have our hopes and dreams and in my case, I need to get up and really chase them. Anyways, here is a simple outfit before the year ends. A minimal look designed for a not so cold winter here in California. I am good at being simple and basic. :) I am just inlove with this creepers/wedges that I got from Forever 21 and it was on sale too! Haha! I hope everyone's having a great day so far! Keep Smiling! <3

Mustard Cable Knit Beanie- Target (similar here)
Graphic Tee- Walmart(a few here)
Striped Collar shirt- Forever 21
Black & white creepers wedges- Forever 21(here)

I am back with another adventure! :) Me and my husband went to Seaworld before Christmas just to relax and have fun. It's been a busy week and sometimes we just need to treat ourselves out. Haha! I felt like I was a kid again, well I am a kid at heart :p, but we are never going to be as young as we are right now so might as well enjoy every single day of your life. Time goes by fast and it won't stop for any of us. That is what we called Life. I didn't really have any outfit on this one, I just want to feel comfy during that day. But I will link down below what I wore that day, in case anyone is interested. :D I hope all of us will have an amazing new year! <3 Keep Smiling y'all!

Grid Print Jacket- Forever21 (similar here)
Floral Scarf- Target (similar here)
Pants- Forever 21 (similar here)
Lace up platform boots- Forever 21 (similar here)

Merry Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope you guys had so much fun! <3 How was your Christmas? :) Mine was great! This year is my first year of not spending it with my family. How I wish that I celebrated it with them. It's okay though because I spent it with my husband and it is also our first holidays being away from our family. This is another comfy look and is inspired of the holidays. I decided to go with a hoodie, red pants and my lace up platforms which is my favorite right now. :] What are your plans for this upcoming year? Any resolutions yet? Let me know! I would love to know what are your goals. I am still working on mine. Haha! Let's continue celebrating holidays! Keep smiling! <3

Lace up platforms- Forever 21 (similar here)
Welcome to Old Town San Diego! Today we will travel back in time. :D 

How was the adventure? :) Wasn't it lovely? I love this place! It was my first time here and this place was very interesting. Plus, I didn't know that we are going here and my outfit blended with the place. Haha! I would say that this was one of the most fascinating place I've ever been to. If you ever go to San Diego, I would highly recommend this place! Old Town San Diego is considered the birthplace of California. I don't know why I wasn't into history when I was in high school, but I surely miss a lot of things. Anyways, my outfit is very simple and casual. Polka dots sweater and scarf, my fringe shoes and my Fedora hat. It's very simple and pleasant. I just can't get over how amazing this place was. This place stands out more than myself and I don't really mind at all! Haha! I love going to places like this, especially unexpected ones. :) I hope you all are having a great day so far and Happy holidays! 2 more days before Christmas guys! Crazy crazy! Keep Smiling! <3

Polka dots Sweater- Charlotte Russe(a few here)
Polka Dots Scarf- Walmart(similar here)
Pants- H&M(similar here)
Fringe Shoes- H&M(similar here)
Fedora Hat- Urban Outfitters(similar here and here)

Santa Claus is coming to town! I cannot believe that there are only 3 more days left! Who would've thought that this year is coming to an end already? I just can't. Haha! Since it's almost Christmas, I decided to wear Christmas colors on the very last minute. I am wearing this tartan plaid dress and this trench coat from Forever 21. I also love my Lace up platform booties that I just got, and it's one of the few on my christmas list. You can wear this on a casual day, on a Christmas party or on any day I would say it would be perfect. It's not just for the holidays but also for everyday. Let this season be jolly! Start a new day with a smile! Keep smiling everyone! <3

Tartan plaid dress- Forever 21(similar here)
Trench Coat- Forever 21(a few here)
Lace up platform booties- Forever 21 (similar here)