San Francisco Diary (Part 1)

Here we are at the watchamacallit bridge again? Just kidding! 
The Golden Gate Bridge was amazing <3
Say Hello to my friends and my husband! :) *say cheeeseee* or not..
Friends that travel together, stay together <3
Oh you know, just trying to be one of those cute couple with cute photos.. Gotta have them at least once in a while right? Haha!
Okayyy, here's one more. Do you think were always happy? Can you see he was hurting me here? This is what I go through everyday. Just kidding! Haha!
Now I need some time alone. Just take a picture of my back, Okay. :p
Oh here's my outfit of the day kind of thing part. Haha! Scroll down for some more! 
Smile like you're on camera..:))
Fly like a bird!
Don't be shy now. :p
Okay, so now what pose should I do next? Haha!
Welcome to my palace everyone! :p
Okay I'm not liking this shots anymore, let's have some fun. Haha!
~If you ever love somebody put your hands up!~
Oh heyyy :)
One of the finest places in San Francisco...In your arms, I mean, 
The Palace of Fine Arts. :P
And here's the Lone Soldier. :p
The last place we went to that day: The City Hall.
I also adore this place. I was speechless. The city hall was beautiful, the only thing was there was a lot of homeless nearby and it smelled like pee everywhere. :/
Overall, It was a great day!

     Our first day in San Francisco wasn't that bad at all. We arrived at around one in the afternoon and got to visit a lot of places. I would say we did some planning wisely because if you'd ask me, me and my friends always don't always have plans. Haha! Check out all of these places out if ever you're in San Francisco. I'll be posting our second day soon on my blog so stay tuned! :D 
     Thank you guys for staying till the end and of this blog and have a wonderful week everyone! One more thing!- Can you believe it's November already? OMG, One more month and were done for the year! Time flies and so enjoy as much as you can! <3 

In case you're wondering about my outfit details, 
links are down here :
Layered moon charmed necklace- Forever 21
Bleached Denim Joggers- Forever 21
Faded muscle tee- Forever 21
Hotel Bustle Oyster Leather Sandals- Clarks


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