Hello ladies and gentlemen! How is everyone doing today? It's almost Friday again and I always feel like I haven't done anything yet. Haha! Have you guys heard of ifchic? Because if not, you are missing out. :) Ifchic is a contemporary fashion shopping website for us contemporary women. You can get free clothes, shoes, bags, etc. by just collecting ifchic coins.

How does it work?  1 ifchic coin is equal to $1.  2 ifchic coins is $2 dollars. So for every ifchic coins you collect, it is equivalent to US Dollars. You can collect up to 6 ifchic coins per day and 180 ifchic coins in a month! Every 24th of the month is where you spend your ifchic coins and any unused coins after the 24th will expire. You can find ifchic coins on different pages of their website and when you see one, all you have to do is click them and tadaa! Easy, right? :) What are you waiting for? Sign up now! For more question head on to their page (Ifchic FAQ).

     Let's start collecting them coins and shop till we drop on every 24th of the month! :) I got my striped top for free! All I have to pay was the shipping. I love it for it is comfy and it is see through. That means air comes and go so you don't get sweaty. Haha! I paired it with my denim skirt that I got from Romwe and finished it with my lace up sandals from Forever 21. I hope everyone is having a great week so far and let's finish this month with a great smile! <3 Seize the day!

Striped long sleeve top- Ifchic (click here)
A-line Denim skirt- Romwe (click here)


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