It's Game Time!

     For the very first time, I went to watch a baseball game. I am not a fan of baseball but it's fun to try to watch it at least for once. You just gotta try something new sometimes, right? :) 
  I simply wore a dress just because I wanted to feel comfortable and so that my armpits can breathe also. Just kidding! Haha! I just love this dress because of how flowy it can get. Its design is also eye catching to me. I was wearing a gladiator look alike sandals to make the look have a little bit more attention to it. And last but not the least, a round sunglasses, to hide my eyes from the camera. Jk! You can't even see me! Haha! That is it for now. I have no story to tell. This week has gone by so fast. Can you believe it's Friday already tomorrow? Jeez, It was just Friday. Haha! Happy weekend everyone! <3

Tapestry Dress- Cotton on (similar here)
Lace up Sandals- Forever 21 (similar here)


  1. I am not a super fan of baseball either. I went one time butttt I don't think I will go again. :p

    1. Hahaha! me too! I really don't watch sports. :p