Polka Who?

     Summer is here and I can't take the heat already. It's been so humid from where I live and I can't help but sweat. Haha! I guess I'd rather have it humid than dry heat. How is your week going? It's going to be a busy week for me especially at work since it's July 4th weekend. I'll be working all week as usual but I'm not complaining. Haha! Time is going so fast and I can't believe June is almost over. Like wow! Next thing you know it's December already. 
     Everyday I always think about life or about what my life should be. Is it just me? I always wonder what's the future ahead. I still wonder if blogging is for me until this day. I always push myself to blog but sometimes you know laziness will ruin everything. So I ask myself if maybe this isn't really for me but on the other side, why did i start this on the very first place? All that questions always hunt me down and I am still on that "figuring myself out" stage. If you already know what you're going to be then thats good for you and I'm happy for you, on the other hand if you don't, then don't stop until you figure yourself out. After all these years I can't believe that I'm still confuse about my life. I've wasted so much years and I am here, nothing has changed; But I am not giving up. I know everything happens for a reason. I know me getting lost is a way to get where I am supposed to be. This is just a challenge for me. So if you are also like me, don't lose hope. Everybody gets lost. It's just that some stay to be lost, and some get out and rise. I don't wanna stay lost and I know we all don't. I also know that we don't want to realize that it's too late before everything gets into place. :) Have a great week everyone! <3 


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