A Day with my Family

     Last week, my family came and visited me here in San Diego! :) I was so happy that they finally came because I've been wanting them to go and visit me. They were only here for a day and a half though, because my brother has to work the next day. And so, I toured them the whole day in San Diego. 
     First, we went to Seaport Village. I haven't gone there and I wanted to see those big trees that I've seen online. That place was amazing! It's a perfect place for jogging, picnic, date and anything that involves relaxing. Haha! The place was just very peaceful. The next stop was Coronado Beach. It was so hot that day and we forgot to bring slippers at the beach. Also, if we would've had any extra clothes we would've jumped in the water. Haha! It's a perfect day to swim but how I wish we bring clothes. Next, we went to the Naval Base and toured the ship. My husband was working that day and so he toured us inside their ship. My mother was so scared because we were above the water. Haha! And so it turned to a very quick tour. Haha! After that, we just bought food that my father will cook for dinner and went home for the rest of the day. It was a long day but I had so much fun! :D 
     Oh how I miss my family! Since I got married I barely see them and spend time with them. It's really hard to be away from your family, so if you are still living with them, enjoy it, treasure it. I find it very hard to be away since I am not use to this. I know how some people wanted to get out of their house already and be independent, but ladies and gentlemen, don't rush it. Spend as much time with your family because there is nothing like home. For me, Family is the most important people in the whole world next to God. I just love my family and if I will get reborn, I will still choose the same family that I have. <3 Love your family so much!