Love the Basic!

Okay, Let me hide my face for a second.
Okay, so let me play with this scarf.
Okay, so now I'm done! Let me do some posing... haha!
Sophisticated. The very first word that came up to my mind when I saw this shot.(black and white edit) I didn't know why, and I had to search what's the real meaning of it. Haha! Yeah, I got to dig big words somehow. :p

     Basic is just everything. And I need more tops to be honest. Haha!

   Hello everyone! Here is my contribution to the mother nature! Just kidding. (It didn't even make sense, haha) I hope you liked my "talking" photos. I always think about how to be different in blogging. There's a lot of ways to blog but you have to think on how to be different somehow. With all these bloggers all over the world,  you have to stand out and be yourself at the same time. These bloggers don't mess around. Blogging is not easy and it does takes time. From taking photos, to editing them, to thinking about the content, etc. It takes effort in order to be great and successful at it. I admire people who do it, they get to do what they love and at the same time they get to wear beautiful clothes :) That's awesome right? Haha!

   Anyways, it is time for another giveaway! I teamed up again with LE3NO.COM and they gave me the chance to make you a happy camper like me! :) I am giving away this Lace summer beach shorts(size:small) if you follow these simple rules below:
-First, follow LE3NO @lovele3no and me @thesimplesarah on Instagram
-Like the instagram photo that I posted.
-Comment something on the photo.
-AND That's it! :) Quick and simple! I will announce the winner on Friday, July 17. Happy posting! <3

Before I end this post, let me do a quick review of this product. I love the way this shorts feel. It is very soft and comfortable. It is perfect for a casual, beach day or even errands day. I also love the fact that it has lace details on the bottom and it just added more effect to the look. It is a little bit see through on the back of the shorts and so I wore something that will hide my back. The pockets are little and so it wasn't very useful to me. Overall, I love this shorts and I would wear this all summer long. :]

Lace Summer Beach Shorts- LE3NO (click here)
Mustard top- Thrifted (a few similar here)
Stars and Stripes scarfs- Cotton On (click here)
Layered necklace- Forever 21 (a few here)