A little bit of Floral.

     This was my second outfit of the day. It was a Monday when me and my husband decided to eat at a seafood place in Redondo Beach. We first went to Santa Monica because we thought the place we wanted to go to was there but then we realize that it was at Redondo. Haha! So we had to drive for another hour (traffic in LA sucks) to go to Redondo. When we finally arrive, there weren't so many people out there and that's good because Santa Monica was so crowded. It was chill at Redondo Beach. We've been craving for those fresh cook seafood. It was just so bomb! I forgot to take photos because I was so hungry and ready to dive in for the food. Haha!
     I love rompers! They are so comfortable but there is a catch though. If you have to pee, then you would have to take it all off and I hate that. Haha. How I wish that there is just a hole on the bottom that I can peel off and put it back on after. Just kidding! Haha! The struggle is real. Summer is perfect for wearing dresses and rompers. I can wear them all day long. I can't believe summer is about to be over though. Anyways, I hope everyone is having an awesome summer so far! Carpe Diem! <3

Striped Cardigan- Forever 21 (similar here)
Floral Rompers- Cotton on (similar here)
Lace up sandals- Forever 21 (similar here)

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  1. I always feel a little cooler when I’m wearing a leather jacket.