Holla October!

Can you believe that it is October already? Oh Time really flies! It was just January. (just kidding!) Well, welcome to the first day of October! Who's excited for the holidays that is coming up? Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about! I am so excited and I can't even hide it! haha! Over the weekend, I decided to wear this black dress that I got from Cotton On and match it with this plaid collar that I got from Forever 21. It isn't that cold yet here in Vegas, but the weather is just really nice, super nice. My shoe platforms is from H&M and this one is perfect for any outfits I must say. I always have fun taking pictures, so please excuse my sillyness :) Let's be excited for the holidays! Hope y'all had an awesome first of the month! :D Get this look for $80+ on Lookastic: Red Plaid Dress Shirt, Charcoal Tank Dress, Black Socks, and Black Suede Low Top Sneakers


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