Casual Floral

How about that floral dress? Yeah, It's not really for fall. So what? Haha! You gotta wear what you gotta wear :') I love floral prints and I matched my dressed with this combat boots. I told you guys I match anything with my boots. I am all about that simplicity. This is pretty simple. Throw on some dress and shoes and Tadaaaa! You're done girl! This day was so special to me. I can't be more thankful on how God is working on each one of us. We all have purpose in life. It is up to us to build more on what and who we are and to develop more on what are we capable with. Keep Smiling y'all! :D

Floral Dress- Forever 21 (
Necklace- H&M (
Combat Boots- Kmart (
Rose Gold Watch- Michael Kors (


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