Wedding Inspired.

I just simply LOVE this look! It's simple but it looks elegant. Haha! I was inspired to recreate a look from my wedding. I was going to wear this on our wedding prenup but we didn't get the chance to shoot for it. But it's okay. I still adore the outcome of this one. You can wear this on a casual date, on a family night or on a friends hang out day. I just threw on a lace shirt, floral design skirt, a combat boots and a cardigan and taadaaa! A finished product. :)
It's not about the brand, nor how expensive your clothing is. It's about how you carry the looks. It's about being comfortable on what you're wearing and not care about what other people will say. Yeah, people can judge you all the time but guess what? I ain't letting it in. Don't let it in inside you. Ain't nobody got time :D 
So whatever you like to wear, Wear it proudly. We are all different, that's why we all stand out. on our own way <3 Happy Friday and always smile more! :)

Lace top- H&M ( )
Floral Skirt- Forever 21 (
Combat Boots- Kmart ( )
Cardigan- Cotton on ( )
Necklace- Forever 21 (


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