I love Fall!

Where am I? :) Hello Fall! Why are you so beautiful? This was at Zion National Park and the weather was so nice. I miss having adventures like this. I miss exploring the nature. It is so nice to go out and just appreciate our Mother Earth. I like hiking and walking. It is always fun and exciting to see how beautiful the world is. 
I put together this simple sweater, shorts and my converse. I really don't have a hiking shoes so I decided to use my chucks. I like it simple because I have those lazy days(like everyday haha)
Happy Monday! I hope everyone is going great! <3

Sweater- Forever 21 (forever21.com)
Shorts- Urban Outfitters (urbanoutfitters.com)
Shoes- Converse (converse.com)
Cross Necklace- Topman (topman.com)
Bag- Forever 21 (forever21.com)


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