March 1, 2015

It was a rainy day in San Diego and I have the reason to bum it (like I don't do it everyday huh) Haha! I started with my coffee to get my mood up. All day I watched this anime called Detective Conan. It was my all time favorite anime since I was a kid. I found it very interesting until today. Yep, I still feel like I am a kid. Haha! Yesterday I DIY'd my ipad case and I love the outcome! I was going to put "hustle" but I messed it up so I ended up putting "love" instead and I thought I did good. :D Hmm, that's all for today, I pretty much stayed at home all day and watched anime. Sounds pretty boring huh? Lmao! I have those days.. Haha! Anyways, It's already March and I can't believe it! How fast right? I am hoping for a more productive days for the rest of the months.. Haha!


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