March 5, 2015

It's my second day of work and I am bummin' it already! Can you believe how lazy I can be? Haha! I'm horrible. Lol. Have I mention that I love socks? Yeah, I have a collection. Haha. I am a hoarder and I still am. I also love coffee! If you do then high-five! in the face! Just kidding, Haha! :D After work, I picked up my husband and we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings because you know, when in doubt, just wing it! Lol. I always order the same thing whenever I come in here. I ordered asian zing ('cause I'm asian, JK! Haha!), parmesan garlic and lemon pepper. These are my favorites. What's yours? :) It's Thursday and I wish tomorrow is my friday already.. Haha! (and I just started, fudge, I'm crazy) Anyways, Today is my mother's birthday! Happy birthday to the best mom in the world! <3


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