Street Style

 Happy Friday y'all! I'm sorry for the lack of post. I've been uninspired lately, also unmotivated. I don't know why. Sometimes I ask myself, "Is this really for me?." Sometimes I think that this is not for me, sometimes I think that it is. I just never know because I am a confusing person. Have you ever feel that way? Like, you want to do one thing and all of a sudden you lost interest to it and then the next day the interest will be back?. I don't even know anymore. Sometimes the best way to look at it is to be positive in everything that you do. Everything happens for a reason right? Sometimes all we can do is to hope for the best. Plus, Keep hustling! Haha! I'm not really going over what I'm wearing because I know it's what every bloggers do. Lol. I'm going to let you judge it for me. :) I do ran out of words most of the time, so yeah. Haha! Be the judge and I'll be the contestant! Have a great weekend everyone! Be safe out there and remember to always be happy! <3

Faux Leather Bomber Jacket- Charlotte Rouse (similar here )
Checkered Men shirt- H&M (similar here)
Ripped cut out Black Skinny jeans- Hot Topic (similar here)


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