So finally a fashion blog for today. I took these photos a month ago and I am posting it just now. Those times I was confused of what do I want to do with my life, so that's when I stop taking outfit photos. I feel like it's not for me, but I will try to give it a shot again. Sometimes we lose motivation and then it comes back. Or I am just a confusing person, well I'm a woman. Haha! I love this dress that I thrifted and only costs a dollar! Yup, and it is Calvin Klein too. Awesome huh? :D I would wear this on a formal event, a meeting, or anything formal actually. I don't know what looks good with it so I tried to put on a blazer and a cardigan. I think a long coat would also look good but I don't have any of that 'cause I don't live in a crazy cold weather area. Haha! So you be the judge. :)

Sleeveless gray dress- Thrifted, Calvin Klein (similar here )
Striped Cardigan- Forever 21 (similar here)
Tribal Platform shoes- Forever 21