March 4, 2015

We are halfway through the week and I am not excited for the weekend because for the first time again I have to work on the weekends. -_- I wanted to be with my husband and spend time with him. Oh life. I love this socks that I found today in my drawer and I didn't even know that I had them. I was a sockaholic (if that makes sense, socks addiction) haha! I still am though! Today I just went to school. That is it. Haha! Today was boring, like everyday. Haha! I had a few thoughts today though. Don't you ever wish that you are your own boss? Like you can work whenever you want to? Yeah, I was thinking about that today. If I want to do what I want to do then I gotta make it happen. I just don't know how to start. Well, procrastination is the killer. Now that I have work I feel like I wanted to quit already. Haha! I'm crazy I know. I was jobless for 5 months so I feel like I'm new to working. I just don't like first week or first month I guess because I don't know what I am supposed to do. I feel stupid at first and I don't like that feeling. Haha! Anyways, enough for my complaining. More complaining to come. Just kidding! Feel free to share me your experience or if you have any thoughts. I sure would want to know! :)


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