It's Bed Time.

It's Monday and I'm ready to end the week already. Just kidding! It's almost my birthday and I feel very old. Haha! I didn't even feel my age since I started being 21 and 22. Anyways, here is my Monday look. I am ready to go to bed with this look. Lol. I love stripes and I was trying to mix stripes with checkered and I thought it look good together. Also, black and burgundy are a must for all season. It's almost time to go back to school too, and I am worried and nervous, but hoping for the best! Let's make 2015 our year! <3 Have a great day everyone and always keep smiling! 

Striped blouse- Forever 21 (similar here or here)
Checkered high waisted shorts- Forever 21 (similar here or here)
Striped socks- Forever 21 (similar here)
Lace up flats- Wet Seal (similar here)


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