Everyday look, it is.

Here am I again with another casual everyday look. Am I lazy or what? Haha! Sometimes I feel like I'm too plain and simple, but hey that's just me. Don't you feel like that sometimes? What really matters is that you love what you do and make people and yourself happy. Sorry if I'm simple but I promise to get better and improve myself. Haha! That's actually one of my goals this year, not to change myself, but to think more of what or how I will wear things. If you ever feel like this then join the club! :D Anyways, this outfit is simple so you can be the judge. Lol! I hope you guys are having a good week so far, keep it up and always be happy! <3 Seize the day!

Union Jack Sweater- Forever 21 (a few here )
Flannel shirt- Forever 21 (a few here)
Light Blue pants- Forever 21 (similar here or here)
Converse chuck taylor- Converse (here)


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