Back to School

It's almost time to go back to school again but some other kids already started going to school. I love how college students have longer vacation than everyone else. Lol! I’ve been wanting to wear this cardigan that I have for years now but I can’t find the right outfit to it. I can’t layer it up too because I don’t have that much long coats in my wardrobe. I love wearing long cardigan because it hides my non-existing butt from everything. Haha! You can layer this up by wearing an outerwear. I didn’t because it’s not that cold here from where I stay right now. I hope you guys are having an awesome week so far! Keep smiling! <3

Cable knit Cardigan- Forever 21(similar here)
High Waisted Shorts- Forever 21(similar here)
Bow print leggings- Forever 21
Ballet flats- Wet Seal(similar here)


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