Seaworld Adventure.

I am back with another adventure! :) Me and my husband went to Seaworld before Christmas just to relax and have fun. It's been a busy week and sometimes we just need to treat ourselves out. Haha! I felt like I was a kid again, well I am a kid at heart :p, but we are never going to be as young as we are right now so might as well enjoy every single day of your life. Time goes by fast and it won't stop for any of us. That is what we called Life. I didn't really have any outfit on this one, I just want to feel comfy during that day. But I will link down below what I wore that day, in case anyone is interested. :D I hope all of us will have an amazing new year! <3 Keep Smiling y'all!

Grid Print Jacket- Forever21 (similar here)
Floral Scarf- Target (similar here)
Pants- Forever 21 (similar here)
Lace up platform boots- Forever 21 (similar here)


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