How to style a plain dress. (3 ways)

How would you style a plain dress? 
This is my version of it. :)First, my plain looking dress. I created 3 styles of simple outfits that can be easily done. Let's get started!
Gray Plain Dress- H&M (A few here)
I just threw on this leather vests and a necklace and call it a day! 
Leather Vests- Forever 21 (similar here)
This is my next one. I put on a collar long sleeve and this utility jacket on top of it to make it look like there's a layering going on. You can try on any collar sleeve top (ex: plaids, denim) and any outerwear that you have. You can also try to put a belt in to make the look a little bit more definition.
Navy Utility Jacket- Forever 21 (very similar here)
And this is my favorite one! I throw on this burgundy collar long sleeve (this is the one that I wore on my second one), layered necklaces, and a beanie to make the look stand out. As what I said on my second one, you can mix and match on this one too. Throw on your favorite beanie, or your favorite plaid collar sleeves, long socks, etc. I know you got this! :)
Which one is your favorite? It's plain and simple right? 'Cause you know I'm all about that life! (how many times did I say that already Haha) I will upload a separate blog with my last outfit, just because I love it! I hope y'all enjoyed it and Have an awesome Tuesday! <3


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