Hello December!

Hello everybody! How are y'all doing? How was your Thanksgiving? I hope everybody had so much fun and eat so much food and turkeys! I can't believe that it is DECEMBER already! OMG! I just realized that today and I felt nervous for some reason. I am happy that Christmas is almost up because it is my favorite holiday but maybe I don't feel it yet? I wish I do though! Christmas is just very different here compare to what I am used to. So, Who's ready for the holidays? Yay! There's only 25 days before Christmas and 31 Days left of 2014. Can you believe that? That's just crazy. Time flies so quick! Anyways, here is another simple and casual outfit for everyday. I love those big sweaters or long sleeves so I can hide my back. (If you know what I mean, Haha!) And also my boots ,which is perfect for everything. I love it! I hope y'all are having an awesome day so far! Keep it up! <3

Floral Scarf- Forever 21 (similar here)
Velvet Sweater- Forever 21 (few similar here)


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