Stars & Stripes.

Well, well, It's Thursday already! I haven't even done anything. How lazy can I be right? Haha! Where am I? :) This one was at a random school that me and my friend went to the other day. We didn't know that there is an event there and we were just photo shooting! Haha! Funny. Anyways, I am inspired to do a minimal look just because, It's simple. Who likes to wear black? Join the club! Black just matches with everything and it's easy to mix and match with it. I hope everyone is having a good time so far! Now, Let's seize the day! <3

Stars and Stripes Top, Leather Skirt, Boots- Forever 21


  1. You are so pretty!

  2. I really like your blog, pff I definitely like your blog, ootd and much more! ;) kisses from Poland xx