The Basic

Coffee is always needed every morning. You know that. :)

All black kind of day. I love weekends. On Saturday, I decided to go all black, just because, I am a basic bish! You can never go wrong with this color. Black is the new Black. I've been stressed out these past few days and one way for me to let it out is to dress up. I am inspired by people who throw on simple outfits and they still look elegant with it. I don't know why i don't. Haha! I love this look because my cut out pants gave my outfit the "boom" factor. :p You know how sometimes we just want to wear simple dress or clothes but we still want to look good with them? Here you go! Either you can throw on some cute top or cute bottoms or even cute shoes and  you are good to go! I put on my Ombre booties just to match with everything. I like it. As long as you feel comfortable with what you're wearing then you are fine girl! Who cares about what people say! Ain't nobody got time for that! :D 
                                            Necklace- H&M (
                                            Cut out pants- Hot Topic (
                                            Black and White Bag- Forever21 (
                                            Ombre Booties- (

Get this look for $136+ on Lookastic: Silver Necklace, Navy Short Sleeve Blouse, Dark Brown Leather Belt, White and Black Leather Crossbody Bag, Black Suede Ankle Boots, and Black Cutout Skinny Pants


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