DIY for Instax Mini Photos

Let's start!

First you will need frames that you don't use anymore. I found these in my mom's room (sshh don't tell her) :p
You will also need a string, a super glue, a double sided mounting tape, and some accessories.
String, Super Glue & Scotch Tape-  I bought it at the dollar store
Accessories- I bought it at Walmart.

And also a scissor, and I used small wooden clothespins.
Small wooden clothespins- I purchased it at Walmart.

This one is optional. You can always leave the frame without anything on it or you can put anything that you want to it. I super glued all these roses accessories to the frame to add colors and designs to it. I used pink and red rose accessories on two of my frames.
 This is what it looks like.
 When you're done with the front one, let's do the back part. Get a piece or two of the string and tape it on the back of the frame, both sides. After a while, the tape will be non-effective and will fall out of nowhere, so i suggest to put a little bit of super glue to it to secure that it won't fall. 
 So far so good! :D
 Put the clippers on.
 Taadaaaa! We are done! This is the finish product. Clip your instax mini photos and have fun with it!
This is a fun and easy project! Try it! It won't hurt. :)


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