Office look.

Days where i really don't feel like working, but i will since i feel good about what I'm wearing. Do you have those days too? Like you feel good about yourself and so you are just going with the flow no matter what? I do! I barely wear fitted skirt and i fell in love with this one. I decided to have a casual office look today. Since I work in an office, this outfit is perfect to wear. I went to school after work and this look can still fit in, just because, in college nobody cares what they wear. :p . I got my floral skirt and my flats from Forever 21. This is another simple outfit on a kind of lazy day. :) Get this look for $89+ on Lookastic: Gold Necklace, Black Long Sleeve Blouse, Black Floral Mini Skirt, Black Leather Crossbody Bag, and Black Print Leather Loafers


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